Zorin screens are inverted. Please resolve my issue


Gday @Fazeel1 , Welcome to the forum.
In setting/Display/Orientation change from flip to landscape.
Hope this helps

Note: if on Zorin Lite,
Goto Settings/Display/Rotation & Reflection: set to, " None".

Ok i see it's Zorin core & are you missing the option to change?
If so, try to restart laptop.
If no luck,
Please tell us how do you have this installed/running, Zorin OS.
Dual boot/clean install/live?
How long since you installed Zorin?

Could you please change your Profile to show which Edition of Zorin you have, thank you.

Also, please see:

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I have edited the orginal title of this thread to describe the issue and to help future searches.



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This is an issue that I had on Windows and followed me till Zorin but happens on the CMOS webcam. Although I don't use it, if one day will happen that I need it I hope there will be a reasonable fix that don't need me to edit half system files manually. Let's see if your suggestions helped Fazeel1 to fix, this flipped screen issue is interesting.

Mr_Magoo has the Solution... Inverter Glasses ,,, hahahahahahaaaaaaaa

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