Zorin Settings for Wacom do not work on my device

I just want to start this by saying my wacom is quite old, so maybe support for it has run out. I have the CTH-470 Bamboo. It's a great tablet, there is nothing wrong with it.

The issue is: when using zorin's built in wacom settings, the tablet does not correctly map to my display (I have three monitors). Even after picking the correct monitor it always starts from the top left corner of the far left monitor and I have to run the following commands each time I plug in my device in order to use it.

If I open settings while using the wacom, it resets the below commands and I have to run them again.

xsetwacom set 14 MapToOutput 2560x1440+2560+0
xsetwacom set 15 MapToOutput 2560x1440+2560+0
xsetwacom set 14 Area 0 0 14720 8280
xsetwacom set 15 Area 0 0 14720 8280
xsetwacom --set 17 touch off
xsetwacom --set 14 MapToOutput HEAD-0
xsetwacom --set 15 MapToOutput HEAD-0
xsetwacom --set 16 MapToOutput HEAD-0
xsetwacom --set 17 MapToOutput HEAD-0
gnome-extensions disable x11gestures@joseexposito.github.io
rm -f ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf
touch ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf

Is my device simply too old? If I upgraded would all my problems be solved even though it kind of sucks to have to throw out a perfectly good tablet.