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I have read the response on Network Shares I really like Zorin. However same problem. I can not get it to see my other computer in the building. I only found one answer was to change the Kernel. Printer it found immediately. Is there going to be an update to fix this. I left Ubuntu for this reason at the beginning of Ubuntu 20 first release and after years from 14 on up I used Ubuntu after that I move to Linux Mint 19.3 and still have that on one machine however I like Zorin 16 I hope soon this problem will be resolved with a donwload of somekind? Maybe? I hate those Microsoft moves. Put out a new Version OS and normal things turn into big headaches and hours of change.


Hello demo, welcome to the forum.

So you looked at and tried samba? I'm under the assumption that you are trying to access it from windows, correct?

Is it nfs:
NFS share - the mounting path cannot be /share1, but /volume1/share1

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