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Hello guys,
Recently I've got a problem with Zorin store (I get message: socket timeout I/O)and all of Flatpak packages, Somehow flatpak main server is censored in my location.
I try to install Kdenlive it takes forever time to install!
Is there anyway to change the flathub server in the Zorin update servers?


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No answer provided:

Do you have libcurl installed?

sudo apt install curl python3-pycurl

Thanks for the reminder, btw. I had forgotten to Remove Flatpak from my system. It and Snapd Are now completely purged. :smiley:


I hate Snapd and Flatpak too :smiley: I try to stay away of these packages, but I needed to install Kdenlive, and lately I noticed there is a Photopea version on Flathub.
BTW, I have this problem with PopOS too, I reinstall my Zorin OS about four times.
I will check it and inform

Isn't Kdenlive in the Zorin Repository?

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Yes, there is one, But it installs some extra apps like KDE Connect, that I don't like.
Anyway, I installed the python curl, but the result was the same.
Also, I didn't mention I have problem installing Flatpak packages in terminal too

What if you reinstall flatpak

sudo apt install --reinstall flatpak

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I think it may be the plugin of the gnome-software, gnome-software-plugin-flatpak . Is it slow if you install Kdenlive with terminal?


I try again with a fresh OS installation, Zorin store still has its problem with getting flatpak metadata...

And installing Flatpak apps in terminal is disaster, best download speed is 800 KB !
With some : Socket I/O timed out messages.


First, a necessary dependency:


Then, kdenlive:

I do not know what is breaking Flatpak.

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I guess the Flatpak repo somehow is banned in my location (Iran), I am positive about it.
Now I am trying to add another repo, maybe it would work.
Anyway, thank you guys.

By the way @Aravisian, Is this version of Kdenlive you mention standalone, or with other KDE stuffs?

It installs and is not standalone. However, it should contain only kdenlive.

This is why I split it between two packages, instead of posting just one link to "kdenlive-all."

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