Zorin Support for Ukraine through Zorin OS Pro

This bears repeating. With thanks to @Elegant_Emperor for being watchful for updates, @swarfendor437 and everyone:

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be donating all profits from sales of Zorin OS Pro for the next week to humanitarian aid causes helping the people of Ukraine.

  • The Red Cross is working on the ground in Ukraine to support health facilities, repair vital infrastructure, and help families in need with food and hygiene items.
  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders is delivering vital medical supplies and services to Ukraine and neighbouring countries affected by the war.
  • Tabletochki is a Ukrainian charity providing life-saving treatment to children in their fight against cancer during this terrible war.

Funds raised between now and 17 March (17:00 GMT) will be split equally between the above charities. Every purchase of Zorin OS Pro will help to support the Ukrainian people in their time of need.


Hopefully the people who really need the support receive it. Such corruption.

Sadly, but quite honestly, this.

There are other ways to send help that are not in the form of money such as clothes or medicines. There are daily shipments of these types of items where I live, I would assume the same is true for many other cities all over Europe right now.

That said, I was planning on getting Z16 Pro anyway later this year. Might as well have a little faith and give it a try, and hope it does some good for those who need it most.


Daily shipments cost money. Money buys clothes, medicines, blankets...
There are many ways to give.

Thank you so much for doing this! Much appreciated, well done and thanks :ukraine:

I'm very happy that the Zorin team supports people in need in Ukraine. Now it's the time to get Zorin 16.1 if you don't have it already.


I generally shun revealing too much personal information on the web. For good reason.
I will make an exception in this...
My brothers kids are almost all from the Ukraine. I will keep the exact number to myself, but it is a greater number than 5.
We have had certain and not-small involvement, as well as sending a variety of forms of aid.
I had to talk my son out of getting on a plane and going over there for the volunteer efforts... Not due to personal reasons but practical ones... He would be able to do less that way than by making use of the larger organizations that are better supplied with more resources.
So, while I have notified many members, including family of the deal on Zorin OS Pro (Including several that do not use Linux at all), to the question of "Have I bought Pro during this week?"
I actually have not, though I have tossed the idea around. To do so for me would be more a case of virtue signaling, given what else has gone on behind the scenes here.
No judgy.

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