Zorin Task Bar Problem

Hi, I recently changed my monitor, turned it on and tested it, and it went very well.
I turned off my computer, but when I turned it back on I ran into a problem, the taskbar was not there, the classic Gnome environment was activated, I checked Zorin appearances and it was activated, but then I went to the extensions and I saw this error:

help please

Tap the keyboard shortcut alt+F2 and type into it


Then hit enter. That will refresh the desktop. Please relay back if the taskbar then appears normally.

Edit: Corrected error in shortcut.

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Any hardware change to the system may require the desktop to be reloaded. While many things are hot swappable, it's not always perfect. This happens automatically in windows, so you wouldn't notice (why they give you the faded screen and ask if you want to revert your settings. The DE was restarted, but you blinked and missed it). Most hardware changes require a reboot. A monitor, keyboard, mouse, BT speaker, headset and such don't, but may require restarting the service that uses it for it to work properly (not always). So Aravisian's solution should work for you. Changing the desktop layout may do the same. Logging out and back in as well.

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I think that shortcut to run a command is Alt + F2 or at least is what works for me.


it doesn't work for me as Aravisian says, but it works as you say.

yes it worked : D

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Thanks for catching and correcting that. I type so many shortcuts that use ctrl that my brain must have autopiloted that.

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Someone noticed that post category should be General Help? Siro isn't sharing custom wallpapers, themes, and icons for Zorin OS.


Moved to #general-help.


sorry, I thought it had to do with a customization issue.

Yes, it's a customization issue but on Zorin Forum, under Customization, the description tells it's a category to share your custom wallpapers, themes, and icons for Zorin OS, while you were asking for help about it instead. Don't worry though, users with level 3 or above and moderators here can move posts to the correct category to keep the forum tidy.

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