Zorin warns about Linux program when installing windows program

I've been searching for this question on the internet and can't find the answer. I've used Linux before but when I tried zorin os, the feature that sold me was when I downloaded CCleaner, it warned me about using Stacer a Linux version of CCleaner. How does this happen? Is it only avaliable for zorin? Or can other distro do this? Thanks

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I don't think that the warning originated with Zorin.

It sounds to me that CCleaner issued the warning. Did you have Stacer installed on your computer? If so, it is possible that CCleaner examined your setup during the installation process and issued the warning. As far as I know, Stacer is not embedded in Zorin, but I am not 100% sure.

BTW, Stacer is not "a Linux version of CCleaner", but an independent, open-source alternative to CCleaner and Bleachbit.

I don't use CCleaner or related products because I prefer to clean up manually.


It is a feature of ZorinOs, if you install Windows Applications (.exe) it will show u a Linux alternative of the application ur trying to install.


Thanks for the information. I had no idea.

Okay. Thanks for the help. It's a really cool feature.

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