Zorin Windowlist extension flakey on touchscreen touches

Hello, new to the forum...very good experience so far in general. I have an issue where the windowlist gnome extension panel is only intermittently detecting mouse touches on the touchscreen to maximize, minimize or switch windows. Mouse works fine and touchpad, which I am forced to use, or alt-tab type switching. Now and then it picks up the touches, but usually not. I have co-installed Mate DE into the Mate stub on the greeter, and Mate environment does not have this issue. I also have an instance of cinnamon in a different partition and it does not have this issue. Same problems on Zorin Wayland session. Thanks btw...impressed at the overall speed compared to cinnamon on this machine...and better-than-cinnamon bluetooth support and good autorotation of the touchscreen on my 2in1 touchscreen laptop. I tried to solve this issue with earlier 5.13 kernel, and same issue. Zorin Core

Cinnamon and Mate desktops both can be installed on Zorin OS by the user.
I am one of those that install Cinnamon (and I also prefer Nemo File Manager). On Zorin OS, Cinnamon runs very smoothly, without any bogging down over time.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install cinnamon cinnamon-core

Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-window-list-main-panel

Thanks for the suggestion...not having any issues at moment with MintCinnamon on another partition. Could be worth a try on the Zorin side for a bit more speed perhaps.

Cant find the extension package in the repo... maybe now a gnome extension which is "bundled" into zorin..?

chris@MountainBerry:~$ sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-window-list-main-panel
[sudo] password for chris:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package gnome-shell-extension-zorin-window-list-main-panel

Zorin 16.1

Presently running Nemo on Zorin as well. Like it better than Nautilus, but I left the Nautilus there, as I think it is responsible for the appgrid.

Nautilus is integrated.

Ok, I just double checked (Which I am embarrassed I missed this the first time) and this can be ignored. It is not applicable on Zorin OS 16. It was last used in Zorin 12, predecessor to Zorin 15.
So, it appears I was a bit to enthusiastic on posting all of the shell extensions.

You can peruse the repository

And choose only the Focal packages.

Well I installed Cinnamon on Zorin base...and it seems great..bluetooth works unlike Mint where installing pipewire was the answer. I made a bottom panel to display windowlist and that works fine with touchscreen. And autorotate screen works well as well, better than Mint. I might stick with this, as I like Cinnamon well enough and won't miss the app grid too much from zorin.So my machine now has Windoze, MintCinn, ZorinOS, Zorin Mate, and Zorin Cinnamon all coexisting happily it seems. I'm guessing there is still an issue with the windowlist extension in gnome with touchscreen, but not a big problem for me. Thanks.

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