Zorin working on this pc?

The parts are new but I wondering if power supply don't will be a little small 250 Watt
For daily using propably good. I saw many online shops with data selling many old pc.

Everything looks fine for Linux but the Nvidia card- that concerns me.

250W power supply should be sufficient, but I like a little more overhead. If you upgraded the video card, you will almost definitely need to upgrade the power supply.

You can plug in all of the parts (including case fans, RGB, etc.) into the calculator below to see what they suggest for power supply wattage.

If this was my machine I'd probably bump the power supply to something between 400W-500W. Everything else should work with Zorin (Linux). I ran a i5-11600K with a GTX1050 Ti for a while with no issues. (450W power supply)

here in debian working.
Ubuntu some tutorial
here working Linux on Lenovo: Bumblebee on a Lenovo T440p [NVidia GT 730M] with XUbuntu/Ubuntu 17.10

Here are some near the same specification and 180Watt power supply.

Bourne, I am not exactly sure what you are doing, I am quite confused here. Why are you wanting to use an ancient video card? A GTX-730 hasn't been relevant for like 8-years. Your goal should be no lower then a GTX-1060 at absolute minimum. For mid-range, you should be aiming for a RTX 2060. And trying to aim for higher end, while remaining budget conscious, you could consider then RTX-3060.

250-watts is far too low for a desktop computer these days. This will result in frying your computer in short order, or, it won't let your system boot at all, if it has solid safety protections in place.

With power supplies today, you want to be aiming for 500-watts minimum, as a previous commentor suggested on here. Please also aim for 80+GOLD efficiency rating minimum as well. If you end up getting a RTX-3060 card, make sure your power supply choice is 650-watt.

PS: If you choose to stick with your Nvidia GTX-730 choice, just so you know, I am pretty sure Nvidia has cancelled driver support on those cards by now, you would be forced to use an old driver, which won't work with modern games you play.

310Watt gaming PC :slight_smile:
They selling poor computers components and they sayed this is for gaming.

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Nice specs @Bourne except for the gpu. That one is a museum piece :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

From your link, the GTX 1650 is a low end card. For old games its oke, newer games on the other hand...

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I am old a man. New games need good components what @StarTreker wroote.

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