Zorin Youtube Channel..?

After a recent post, had an idea.... Imagine if Zorin had it's own Youtube Channel.
Maybe a every 2 week, or once a month post. Showing recent updates, answering the most recent questions, raised issues. Just showing the public how great a system it is.
Now I personally don't have the knowledge to create, record, edit such a thing.
Or the 'Face' you'd want to see. Have a face for radio..
Maybe someone on here does? And could use the packages that one could find and use on Linux.
I know the Zorin Bro's don't have the time. I sometimes wonder if they get to eat.
I think it would be awesome.


Artyom looks like he gets plenty to eat.


-Runs and Hides-


I like the idea. If I had the time to spare, I would've been willing to create such content. But it is a good idea. I endorse it.

I got my Zorin OS live wallpaper channel, but it aren't much.