ZorinOs 16 Lite Beta flavor XFCE

Hey guys

Is there a forecast or coronogram of when the version of ZorinOs 16 Beta lite with XFCE flavor will be released for testing?

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I came here with the very same question. :+1:

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@azorin had stated in a thread here on the forum around the time of Zorin OS16 Beta release that they expect to have Zorin OS 16 Lite ready and available around June or July.

In the meantime, I am just running Zorin 16 beta with XFCE desktop installed (and cinnamon desktop installed).

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Nice! Did you just install Xfce and Cinnamon from the repo?

Yes, you can install the xubuntu desktop on Ubuntu or on Zorin OS with just

sudo apt install xfce4

Or Cinnamon

sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

sudo apt install cinnamon-core

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Can you share some screenshoots ? :slight_smile:

Are you looking for generic screenshots or of something specific?

Desktop, settings, menu :slight_smile:

I am not using the Zorin Theme, but here is desktop with Whiskermenu on the right (horizontal panel) and Zorin Menu on the left (vertical panel). Not sure which settings as there are a ton.


Something that I forgot but need to add to this:
Installing XFCE4 on Zorin Core can be done as above, but a quick note on something that is missing from that that any users with a number in their login password may just want: Enabling numlock on login

sudo apt install numlockx

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Add this line: greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on and save and exit.

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I have a question.
By installing XFCE or Cinnamon on Zorin Core - will it uninstall GNOME desktop environment from Zorin Core? Or GNOME is still there and just get deactivated?

No, it does not remove Gnome. Gnome remains as a Desktop Environment that you can log into and use as you wish or need. In fact... It has been a great help to me still having it readily available for testing and checking things for questions on this forum. I used to have to either pass the buck on Gnome Questions or load up a USB instance of Zorin Core to test or examine Gnome questions.

I have decided to not install Zorin OS Lite when it is released and stick with Z16 BETA, using XFCE or Cinnamon on it for my own personal use.

While having Gnome does take up a small amount of file space, it does not make the use of Zorin OS 16 BETA with XFCE4 heavier in any way, since it is not being actively run and used.


Thanks for the clarification.
If that is the case, I will wait for a release of Zorin 16 Lite for my underpowered netbook (Atom N550, 2GB RAM).

Zorin is one of those rare distros that can handle 1024 x 600 resolution monitor. Peppermint OS is another one which can do the same. Sadly, demise of the main developer seems to slow down a development of Peppermint lately.

Your reply makes me wonder if I was unclear... Using XFCE4 desktop on Zorin Core will run as "lite" as running Zorin OS Lite.
However, the Gnome desktop files will take up a small amount of space on the Hard Drive. I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page...

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Thanks for the further clarification.
Yes, I fully understand that GNOME is still there but not used at all.

I currently have a small 120 GB SSD in this "baby" machine and prefer to stick to the minimalist side. It is not that particularly important machine but I have a sort of personal attachment to it. It was the first PC I managed to install OSX on it - Snow Leopard, that was.