ZorinOS 17 Concept

No, i can Use color code Piker cuz it's transparent so I want what color code is and whats the other settings are like transparency, etc.

Due to a question I received (offsite) about this topic, I think it is important to re-iterate:

This is not a preview of Zorin OS 17.
As the title and O.P. state, this is Concept Art made by a Zorin OS user.

NayamAmarshe displays skillful imaging techniques which could serve the user well in making Themes.
However, the File Manager as depicted does not exist and as Nautilus is coded, cannot exist as the widget containers are separate elements. As depicted in the O.P., the pathbar is situated inside of the distinct Sidebar... and that cannot funtion as the pathbar is a stretching element. As you moved down the tree, the sidebar would get stretched into the window along with it (Unless it is coded to truncate the pathbar, which it is not and would be counter-productive to do so.)

So all please keep in mind that this is an artistic Mock Up, not an actual theme and not an actual OS.

And Zorin OS 16 was only very recently released. Uhh... 17? Please be patient.


It is not transparent. It is blurred. The colour depends on the intensity of the blur effect and also the colour of the window below it. There is no specific colour code. Only a tint and the blur effect. You can however, make it transparent by various ways, installing a third-party theme that has transparency being the easiest. Blur effect in gnome is not possible. It is available in KDE using Kvantum manager and I know a tool that works on XFCE but it is not stable.


can someone explain why there is no blur in no Gnome theme? even in KDE the blue is really bad (at least for me and I switched to Ubuntu cuz of that then Zorin) but the point is why? Mica is cool as well and I think cuz Linux is open source so you guys can handle this just by little bit hardworking and making Zorin users happier than ever!!

Have you tried Blur-My-shell?


This model was awesome. I like it very Much. Waiting for more images of this concept. Especially the images of the home screen appearance.

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you talking with me?
I can't use Gnome 4 in Ubuntu release versions because I don't have VPN and the app store and Snap is not working without VPN (USA banished my country from everything even internet so to access any site that from USA and country's like that I need to use VPN like you tube) so I need to use Zorin that somehow I have access to Snap with really high speed and flat-pack and app store so I never used this extension but I saw it before

That extension I linked to is for Gnome 3.38 which is what Zorin OS 16 comes with.

The color is same as Zorin 16's. I just added 50% transparency and 50px blur radius, that's why it looks different.

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you mean if I install it my application menu will become like that?

It should, yes.