Zorinos stuck booting after installing + updating

Zorinos pro 16.3 stuck booting after installing + updating

From the screenshot, it says it shutting down. Is it bootup or shutdown that's troubling?

This is turning on the laptop or booting it.
How to fix this?

It says there'e soem unattended upgrades and trying to shutdown. Try ctrtl+alt+F2 or is ti F3? Try one of them.
Login in CLI.

sudo apt update && sudo apt-upgrade

If there's no errors, do a

sudo reboot

May also need to try Grub Repair using LiveUSB image:

I've done that and now I'm stuck here.
How to fix it?

Snap(d) can be notorious. Do you use snap packages (software apps that uses snap packages?)

Edit: If I'm not responding right away is because I'm gaming Pathfinder :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you install? What type of update?

Software update?

How large is your hdd?

Worst case is you may need to re-install OS.
In that case a good data backup is essential along with a Timeshift snapshot.

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