Zsh instead of bash?

When I was running Manjaro the zsh was default. Anyone running zsh instead of bash on Zorin?
I was looking through the package in Zorin and it seems it's there.

zgen/focal,focal 0~20150919-3 all
  Lightweight plugin manager for ZSH inspired by Antigen

zplug/focal,focal 2.4.2-1 all
  next-generation plugin manager for zsh

zsh/focal 5.8-3ubuntu1 amd64
  shell with lots of features

zsh-antigen/focal,focal 2.2.3-2 all
  manage your zsh plugins

zsh-autosuggestions/focal,focal 0.6.4-1 all
  Fish-like fast/unobtrusive autosuggestions for zsh

zsh-common/focal,focal 5.8-3ubuntu1 all
  architecture independent files for Zsh

zsh-dev/focal 5.8-3ubuntu1 amd64
  shell with lots of features (development files)

zsh-doc/focal,focal 5.8-3ubuntu1 all
  zsh documentation - info/HTML format

zsh-static/focal 5.8-3ubuntu1 amd64
  shell with lots of features (static link)

zsh-syntax-highlighting/focal,focal 0.6.0-3 all
  Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh

zsh-theme-powerlevel9k/focal,focal 0.6.7-2 all
  powerlevel9k is a theme for zsh which uses powerline fonts

zshdb/focal,focal 1.1.2-1 all
  debugger for Z-Shell scripts

It is, and I use zsh along with p10k and oh-my-zsh.

Kcaps introduced me to it and provided a nice guide linked to in this thread:

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You could follow this guide to install zsh and configure it as your default shell.

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Thanks both of you. :slight_smile: