[1.529898] integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65

When booting up this type of error shows everytime and then logging in. I don't know how to solve this error. Can anyone help me to solve from this type of error.

[ 1.529898] integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65

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I believe you have no further problem while using the system?
You could try;

  • Restart
  • Enter in BIOS
  • Disable the Secure Boot
    Save changes and exit. Restart the pc
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While Installing itself I have disabled the secure boot @dasjdoom

See if this helps

Integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65

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Even so, it has to do with the bios settings, I believe you should look there. Do you experience further problem while booting, because of this message?

@lazarus are you dual booting? and did the other post help you?

Yes @Bubby after installing Zorin alongside windows 11 I'm facing this issue

as stated by @dasjdoom it's attempting to find your partition in linux. try
sudo fdisk -l to locate it and upload the info

looking for something:

/dev/sdb1       34        32767      32734    16M Microsoft reserved
/dev/sdb2      32767 1025777663 1025744896 489,1G Microsoft basic data
/dev/sdb3 1025777663 1026828287    1050624   513G EFI System
/dev/sdb4 1026828287 1953523711  926695424 441.9G Linux filesystem

If you get it resolved or not let us know as it will help others in future


I would reinstall Zorin OS in this case.
It has the hallmarks of a corrupted file. It may be due to a bad sector on disk.
But it could also be due to a corruption during download that installed to disk.


After reinstalling there is no problem @Aravisian @Bubby @dasjdoom. May be in future if the problem may arises I will inform you


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