1 Disk, Dual Boot and Encryption - How To Install Zorin OS

Here's my situation:

  • a laptop with Win 11 installed on it, I can't get rid of Win, hence I need to dual-boot Zorin and Win 11
  • 1 disk slot, so I can only install Zorin on different partition on the same disk
  • Due to the company's policies I need to encrypt the drive

I know that it's possible to get the disk encrypted during the installation process, but this will erase the whole disk. Is there a way to install Zorin on a separate partition and make it encrypted?

First things first: Always ensure thorough backups of what you need.

Yes, it should be possible to install Zorin OS on its own partition with LUKS without erasing the drive.

When you boot the LiveUSB of Zorin OS, then run the installer, you will see the option to install alongside (Ignore this), the option to wipe and install Zorin OS (Ignore this, too) and finally, an option for "Something Else".
The Something Else is the option you want.
In the Gparted disk partition tool, select the partition that you want to install Zorin OS to.
This may necessitate that you click that partition, then click the delete icon (-). Then click the empty space of that partition the same way you clicked the partition previously, and select Format.
Do Not Worry at this point. The partition is still there and not removed... the delete is a Command Set, not an action, so nothing will apply until you commit to the installation process.

In the popup format window, set root to /
Under format, choose Use as: physical volume for encryption. It is at this point where you will set the passphrase.
Set the volumes Logical.

Once you commit to installation, these command sets will be implemented and cannot be undone. So be sure to double check each step before proceeding.

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Thank you! It worked :slight_smile: The only thing was that I needed to add a boot partition, just 1gb, before creating physical volume for encryption. After that it worked like a charm

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