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I just think I'd share my transition journey from Windows to Linux. It's actually one month but I only take things seriously here 2 weeks ago. It's quite funny when I remember that few months ago, me and my friend are both thinking about linux because of ethical hacking. My friend loves Linux very much more than me but can't change OS for the meantime because of his school activity. I have Linux Mint in live since I graduated but never install even once because Windows and windows application like Office is the company standard here.

Then just last month, when my Windows 10 always crashes, it annoys me a lot. Especially, when it crashes even I only have file manager open. I checked the update it says "Update to Windows 11 - your hardware isn't compatible." This message irritate me. It's like, pushing Windows 11 even for hardware it isn't compatible. I suddenly decided to switch to linux, of course, Linux Mint.

I enjoyed it. I actually stay with Linux Mint for about 2 weeks. But, my problem is that the alternative for my drawing tools, Krita, takes a lot of ram. Linux Mint needs 1gb ram. Krita really does crashes sometimes so I think of upgrading my laptop. Not to mention, when I'm still in Linux Mint, I'm not uninstalling or installing things. I just use it as it is because there is a reminder in the forum that uninstalling Linux Mint pre installed software might cause the whole OS to crashed down or not be usable.

True journey starts here. Because we can't upgrade my laptop, after having a lot of body pain for using cellphone for creating just one drawing, I decided to look for new Linux Distro to replace Linux Mint that might be less ram usage.

I take MX Linux. It's okay but when I go all out, ram usage really increase. Then, I think of getting AntiX where MX Linux base of. I stay there for 2 days. I started to love it. Guess what. I destroy the OS. Yeah. I love editing system. That's the thing I love most. And I destroy AntiX because I edit a lot. A lot of customization, kicking this app, or what if I change this one to this DE etc.

So, instead of reinstalling AntiX, I decided to look for a less ram usage that "will stop me from tweaking the system" or rather I will not think of tweaking it much (in some way, I'm afraid of this part of myself too. Though my professor back then loves it).

installed Lubuntu, but it loads slow after first installation. Installed LMDE and it was the same. Then I'm about to install EndevourOS but it crashed before I even click install. (Funny thing. Really). Try to do Arch but it didn't find my realtek wifi. I heard there is compatibility issue here. Then I meet Zorin OS

Zorin OS Lite 15, at least at some point didn't make me destroy the system even I'm tweaking some parts. And because I already like the DE, not need to change it. And I think I can finally concentrate to what I should concentrate to rather than playing on the synaptic whole day just like what I did when I'm in AntiX.

What made me stay with Zorin, beside that most distro installer won't install in my laptop anymore hahahahhaa, its kinda simple but elegant. I like those kind of things so. I didn't experience fatal hardware incompatibility, just minor problems that can easily fix. I also like that there is an active forum that doesn't detect my VPN as a spammer. hahahaaha (AntiX forum detect me as that so. hahahaha). It is also really light for my laptop and hope it continues to be like that.

Another thing, I love some application for artists that I found while I was in Linux that I didn't see when I'm in Windows. Since I'm pushed to look for open source a like software, I see a lot of good softwares that doesn't given a lot of attention to. I'm really glad I switch to Linux. I doubt I will go back to Windows even I have a paid application needed it. It's like, I'd had enough of its crashing thing.


No, you're stuck with us, now.


WOW, that was quite a story, and you know how I love stories! :grin:

Yes, it does indeed sound like you've had quite the adventure going from distro to distro, DE to DE, hardware failure here, there, everywhere on Mcdonalds farm. But you finally rested with Zorin OS, and thats cause its the best. HEHE

I am really glad you decided to stay with Zorin OS, cause I really like having you around. You are, without a doubt, positively stellar! :star2:


I also want my laptop to rest. Hahaha Like I said, other installer don't want to install anymore. I feel like I'm in the verge of destroying my laptop so I want to have it rest from distro hoping. hahaha




Were not so bad? Not when you get to know us!

LOL! :joy:


Rui07, there are many stories such as yours. People being fed up with Windows.
There are many reasons why we left. The good thing is you found something that you're happy with. That's what matters. Hope you continue to feel that way and always stay a part of the Zorin Group. There are some really good, helpful people on here. Many who will be happy to help you on your journey. That's one of the reasons I went back to Zorin after my initial trial. After I learned more about Linux in general, made my 2nd go around so much smoother. I stayed..


I AM agree with you. Many software for Free where you don't find on Windows. I also more interesting "things" how working and experimental. Gaming only without wine,lutris etc. Clear system for usually driver daily.

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Rui07 ..... great post and yes we are definitely glad you chose Zorin as your go to OS and also started posting here ....

I too left Win because they said my 3yo Asus 17in ROG gaming laptop would not meet their spec's .... and I knew right then I would have to find something else as I was really tired of all their BS and so are a lot of other people .... after their giving away Win 10 so they could gather up everyone's personal information to use in their own evil ways I knew this was just a different ploy to continue dominating the computer market ....

I noticed you said you use a VPN if you don't mind me asking .... which VPN do you use .... I use Nord VPN on Win (and I still have 1 year to go that is already paid for) but it doesn't work here on Linux as they don't have a GUI (I think that's the term but I could be wrong) for it and nothing on the drawing board .... and as we both know were we live a VPN is almost mandatory ...

I've gotten some good info from other members here but I haven made a choice yet ....

Thanks and keep on posting ....


It good with your history sometimes put some photos how much they using RAM. What was in your history. Example Neofetch or some bugs when you installing and system crashed.

Hmmm. Before I switched in Linux, I use one but I forgot what it is. Its one of the free one. I stop using it cause it cause problem if your playing game, the server can't detect where your exact location was making it hard for you to play. I used to play a lot of online games before as part to increase my imagination though a lot of them already stop their business. heheheh


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I see. Hehehe.


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