1000s of TTF Fonts? Can I install by folder?

I'm a graphic artist. Please don't tell me the only way I can install my font library is one at a time?
I have DECADES worth of fonts I need to install.

I'll even take a cli command at this point.

Using the Microsoft Fonts installer is a pain in the butt - especially when you try to remove them as bits of M$ garbage get left in the system.

First for this exercise I am making an assumption that all your fonts are TTF's (True Type Fonts). In Core this is a pain to do as you have to take ownership of Fonts | truetype

So open a terminal and enter:

cd ..

This will take you to /home.

cd ..

to get you to root folder.


cd /usr/share/fonts/


sudo chown [your username] truetype

You now have ownership of truetype fonts folder - so now just drag and drop your fonts into the truetype folder using your file explorer go to Computer/Filesystem
Then usr
Then share
Then fonts
Then truetype and paste all your fonts in there.
Reboot machine for the changes to take effect.

KDE (Plasma) Makes life much more easier with 'Font Management'.

Launch it and select 'Add font' - you will be required to enter username password to elevate to root - you then have the choice of whether to make the fonts Systemwide or Personal - I always choose the former - yet another argument for Zorin to ditch Gnome for KDE (Plasma)!

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