12 hour clock setting?

I can't seem to find any way to change the 24 hour clock that sits on the Task bar to a 12 hour mode. Any hints?

If you use Core, Date Menu Formatter is useful to customize date display in taskbar.

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Thought I had downloaded/Installed this at the link you provided, but can't seem to find it to open it and do the changes :frowning_face:.

Settings can be made on Gnome Extensions web page or on Gnome Tweaks.

Zorin menu > Settings > Date & Time > set "Time Format" to "AM/PM".


Sorry for my roundabout advice.

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THANKS!!! I rather figured there must be a setting, but hadn't found that one. So pleased to have this small, but happy change.

Not a problem, I very much appreciated the assistance so thank you :grinning: anyway.

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You can add the day of the week via Tweaks in in the Taskbar settings.

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And in KDE (Plasma) on Zorin you can have it on your desktop:

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In Zorin 16 Lite, on the screen for "Time and Date Settings" there is no "Time Format" option.


That gets me to where I can choose a 12-hour clock, but then I lose the date. That will have to do.

Try selecting Custom format and input:

%a %b %e, %l:%M%P

Zorro, Mr. Magoo gave me this insight and it worked for me :slight_smile: The date shows too.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that those steps are for Core, not Lite.

@ZorroQuest . Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate the edition of ZorinOS you are using. e.g. Lite.

That will help us to avoid offering solutions for Core (Gnome), instead of Lite (XFCE), going forward. Thankyou.

I am using Lite. I did not see any place to indicate I'm using Lite, other than putting it in my initial post, which I will do from now on.

At the upper right side, click your Avatar Icon for your profile, then the Person icon at the bottom right pane.
Click Preferences
Then click the Profile tab near middle top of the page.
You should see an option for Zorin OS Editions.
You can select yours from the drop down menu.

Also, This Post:

Should resolve your issue fully on Zorin OS Lite.

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I don't know the meaning of "%a %b %e...".