150% UI scaling?

Hey all, has anyone tried using fractional UI scaling? It looks like we get 100% and 200% out of the box, but nothing in-between. This OS breathed new life into my Surface Pro 2, but 150% scaling would really be the sweet-spot for this machine.
I’ve followed some ways to implement it for Ubuntu, but the options don’t appear in Zorin. Thanks!

Hi banjeed and welcome!
Install gnome-tweak tool (Gnome Tweaks) and either use it’s built in tool

Or get the gnome-shell extension text-scaler.

Text-scaler sits in your panel. :wink:

Thanks, this helps visibility somewhat, but only scales the text. Icons and other UI aren’t scaled along with it. Is something like this achievable in Zorin?

OK, I need to pay more attention! The nearest you are going to get is using the scaling inside of Nautilus:

I suspect that when Zorin 16 comes out at the end of the year, based on Ubuntu 20.04 this issue will be fully addressed. :wink:

Thanks much for the reply! I’ll hang tight

Or you could try the Wayland solution here:

On the gear cog at login, click on it and you will see ‘Zorin on Wayland’.
That will offer some scaling if you use the hack in that thread.