16.3 Lite : Full disk encryption on secondary SSD


I'm installing Zorin OS 16.3 Lite on an old laptop while waiting for the upgrade to 17.

I want to enable full disk encryption which requires to pick the "Erase everything" option in the installer without having access to GParted beforehand.

If I pick the erase option without encryption, I then get another screen where I can pick which disk I want to erase and install Zorin on. I then get an "Install now" button to proceed.

However, when I select the encryption option, I get redirected to the screen where I can put in my password, which also gets the "Install now" button.

I'm afraid that when doing so I won't be able to pick which disk I will erase and install the OS on, and the default disk seems to be the wrong one.

Also, is it possible to have a swap partition on the same disk ?

I recommend putting up some pictures if possible to help identify what you need to do exactly.

Taken from the Ubuntu 20.04 installer : I just want to make sure that when I click install now I get to actually pick which disk gets erased and encrypted

First, it looks like you are trying to install Ubuntu 21.04 (not Zorin 16.3 Lite) which is an interim release that was supported only for 9 months and is already end-of-life since near the end of 2021.

So are you installing Ubuntu 21.04 or Zorin Lite 16.3 (Xfce)?

The swap partition is possible on the same disk. The swap partition is especially useful on a hard disk drive (HDD) and/or having low amounts of RAM, say 4GBs or less. I have not used a swap partition since upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) and installing 8GBs of RAM or more.

If you go open the GPARTED application and show the different disks it would be helpful to then provide more guidance.

You will be prompted to confirm the changes. In this example I only have on drive and it automatically assumes I'm using this one, but perhaps in your case with multiple ones you can still choose.

This is the information I was loooking for !
There is indeed another option to select the proper disk afterwards.

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