16 Core upgrade to 17 Core Failed

VM running on VMWare workstation
System hung with "-" on screen after upgrade
Reset VM and it comes up to login prompt
I can login but can't startx.
Screen shot:
Screenshot 2024-02-01 091053

Can't advise on upgrade issue but on screenshot submitted you have a space between start and x when it should be startx. Did you try installing xinit and trying again?

Yes, the first time I typed "start x" incorrectly, then re-did with "startx".
So now when I restart the VM, it comes up with the animated "Z" logo and just hangs.

Not a biggie, guess I'll delete it, just curious why it failed.

If you are running a VM I would just create a separate VM. Thinking about it VM's usually create a VHD of about 25 Gb. I suspect the upgrade failed because of not enough space in the VM.

Perhaps. Thanks.