2 Minute Pause Till Opening Any App

Anybody know why it takes so long after getting to the desktop to open any app? I guess it's at least 2 minutes before I can do any work after starting computer. Yep, it's fine after that . . . but it starts slowly and never did this till the 16.2 upgrade. Is this normal?

I'm running 16.2 Pro up-to-date on a Dell XPS desktop with 16G RAM.

You can use the blame command to find out what is causing the slow start. Have you tried other DEs? Gnome can be problematic since it's such a resource hog. Check your startup apps as well and turn off any that are not necessary (libre office, audacity, etc.). Applications may be waiting for services to complete the startup process in order to access them (network, Bluetooth, etc).

Gday @Joesplace ,
Is this dual boot?
Try looking at your startup programs.

sudo systemd-analyze blame

sudo systemd-analyze critical-chain

Ocka - nope wasn't dual boot but I reloaded 16.2 Pro and problem solved. Thanks . . .

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I have therefore marked your reinstallation of Z16.2 post above as the "Solution".
If it starts misbehaving again, come back and report.

Glad to hear you solved it,, Yes i keep my usb install drive handy. :smile:

Problem is back - is this a normal startup?
Screenshot from 2023-01-21 11-38-53

That depends upon what one considers 'normal', which is predicated upon your equipment. For an older laptop, that's entirely normal, for a new fire-breathing bit-stomping multi-multi-core machine, that'd be a problem.

It seems your drives are slow to enumerate (I have 7 drives and they enumerate in half that time)... in the Disks application, make sure write-caching, APM, etc. are turned on, and do a non-destructive drive test to be sure you don't have bad sectors.

Also, consider uninstalling snapd, not only for that ~13 second lag, but because it's currently a security risk.

Yes. That equates to reality on my old laptop that runs Zorin dual boot.

We have had these discussions many times. For me I wait 2min and I then have a responsive OS, wheras my newer Win10 rig boots quick, but then gets clogged up by update checking and other housekeeping before I can use it properly.
I would rather boot, go make a cuppa, then have a fully responsive OS than one that appears to be up, but in reality is muzzled for another 5mins or more.

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