2 windows apps i user for my headphones

I have two apps i use all the time as EQ for my headphones that are only for windows.

Can anyone tell me for sure if these would work?

PEACE - Peace Equalizer, interface Equalizer APO download | SourceForge.net
EQ APO - Equalizer APO download | SourceForge.net

I do not know if they can be installed and work on Linux; But I find it interesting looking at their details that both were written on Linux, using Linux sources and are Open Source. The EQ APO is written in Qt, even.

Well i guess we will find out, im taking the dive and installing Zorin 16.3 Pro now

Screenshot from 2023-07-29 19-14-59

Something like that? haha I just tried, works on my end!

Yep, got it working on my end too, doesnt like 32bit-352K quality setting but 32/192 is good enough

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i use this amp/dac and it works native in all debian distros....

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