2007 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo & Zorin OS 16

I’m trying to breath life back into an old 2007 Mac Mini that’s running a T7200 Core 2 Duo. During the Zorin OS 16 installation via USB I’m able to get to the screen options to select “Install or Live” but after selecting this it just sits at a black screen. I was thinking it had to do with the UEFI Apple uses but the USB installer for Zorin OS 16 includes both 32-bit and 64-bit boot installers. Has anyone run into this and came up with a workaround or is Zorin only able to install in newer model Macs?

Maybe this has a 32bit processor, and Zorin 16 is for 64bit only.
Try using Zorin 15.

I agree with Donald in that you may need 32-bit version of Zorin 15. If you find that works but is a bit slow due to your 2007 classic, I have had great luck with 32-bit Q4OS. And I am tempted to say even better with LXLE when it comes to older hardware.

Hi Donald, thought that may be it but confirmed the T7200 is 64-bit. Intel Core2 Duo Processor T7200 4M Cache 2.00 GHz 667 MHz FSB Product Specifications

Source: Installing Zorin OS on a 2009 Mac Mini running El Capitan - #7 by zabadabadoo

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The outcome of that thread was not encouraging.

I've run into similar issues with some older Macs. Try using a DVD install.

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I was able to install Zorin OS 15.3 32-bit on the 2007 Mac Mini. Performs well and breathed new life into an older Apple product. I was hoping there is a way to upgrade to Zorin OS 16 from the update utility like on on other distros such as Ubuntu but it looks like clean install is the only option at this time.


If using 32bit, Zorin OS 15.3 Lite is the end of the line for Zorin Releases on that machine. Zorin OS 16 no longer supports 32bit.

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There are other distributions that still support 32-bit - Devuan (Get Devuan | Devuan GNU+Linux Free Operating System), MX-Linux (Download Links – MX Linux)

Full list here:

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