2024 Lenovo Legion laptop hardware compatibility with Zorin Core 17

Hello all, I am set on purchasing a 2024 Lenovo Legion Y9000X (Chinese market equivalent of the new Slim 7i). It ships with an i9-14900HX and an RTX 4060. I have very little experience with Linux desktop and am looking to switch to Zorin or Mint as my daily driver. I have heard some people online warn that Zorin may have limited compatibility with brand-new hardware due to a slow release cycle and being based on Ubuntu LTS 22. The Linux Experiment on YouTube was especially concerned about the latest (535) proprietary Nvidia drivers being unavailable, and lack of support for certain new features such as keyboard backlight configuration.

Personally I don't really know what the implications of running on Ubuntu 22 are. Is it true that 535 cannot be installed on Zorin or have I misunderstood this? And how about keyboard backlights? Is there a compelling reason to choose Mint over Zorin in my case? The key features of Zorin that appeal to me over Mint at present are Zorin Connect and the out-of-box desktop experience. I am sure that I could set up Mint the way I like it with some effort, but my perspective right now is that if Zorin does it for me, why bother.

Because bugs are solved over time, so 22 LTS is more stable than later version. This is a sign that Zorin OS is intended to be a stable system.

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That is not a zorin specific Problem. It is more a common Thing on LTS distros because there are not have the newest Stuff. There would be Distro's like Fedora, Ubuntu STS or some Rolling Release Distros like Solus or Manjaro who offer still the newest Software. But that means that You could have more Problems with unstable Software.

If You Laptop is runnig, You could test in the Try Zorin Mode.

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