2nd monitor is not detected

I'm a new linux user who installed zorin yesterday in my lap. I'm trying to setup my 2nd monitor but it's not getting detected.
My GPU: GTX 1050
My external monitor: HP22yh
I tried changing drivers from proprietry,tested to another driver and it didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

If you tried different drivers to no effect, did you also then checking the cables?
Some cables are even directional - and have to be facing one way.

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Yes I have checked the cables. This cable is not directional. I had the same config in windows as well and it worked. :frowning:


Next thing to check is that your video card is installed with the correct drivers and that the card supports simultaneous multiple monitors. Also that the card isn't damaged and the port is live.

To see if you're using the restricted driver;

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -G

You can post the output of it.

The card supports simultaneous monitors. I was using me external monitor fine in windows. How can I check if I've installed the correct drivers and the port is live? I just got my laptop's thermal paste reapplied and dust cleaned internally. After that I installed Zorin. Is there a chance my port could've gotten damaged after that process? I didn't check my ports after I got my laptop back from reapplying thermal paste and dust cleaned

Screenshot from 2023-02-27 20-01-39

Hello everyone and thank you for responding. The drivers were installed but not showing up in info and when checked zorin's website asked me to turn off secure boot which fixed the problem instantly


lshw -C video will show the info of the video card. This was the direction i was going to go.

When the ports of a card don't seem to work, this is usually a driver issue, rarely a physical issue. Getting information from the card will reveal whether the driver is in use (relays "unclaimed" if not). The wrong driver will not populate all information or incorrect information.

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