3 Days of Download Errors

I'm trying to generate interest in Zorin V16 Core but several friends and myself have been trying to download from different mirrors but all fail. Is someone looking into this problem? Kind of hard to generate new users if they can't download . . . we are trying . . .

Try the mirror i posted...

This is not pro.

Please see:

Are you downloading Zorin OS 16 core from:

I have tried all of the mirrors in the Americas.

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337harvey - is this the fixed EFI Core download?

I would honestly consider this to be feedback - given the change in migrating away from Sourceforge. As a Recent thing, it may be that there are some teething troubles.

Oh... i didn't think of that. I'll see if i can upload that shortly. Please forgive me... haven't been keeping up with Dell issues. I'll post back when it's loaded.

Yes, that is the official download that I'm getting it from.

Already almost a gig down, will post when the mega is ready.

I'll have to update the hashes also.

Thanks for the download link - it worked just fine. I'll forward it to my friends that are really trying to get V16 Core . . .

It isn't the updated one, so the Dell issue will still be a problem. I'll update you when the new installer iso link is ready... bout half hour.

Thanks, I'll wait for the updated link.

As a sidenote... I really see no reason - other than a transatlantic cable - to stick to only the USA mirrors. The .iso is the same on all of them.

As a test, I just picked dotsrc ⋅ Lyngby, Denmark and it worked at the same speed as the closest US one to me.

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Just tried the Paris, France mirror and it failed after a few minutes. . . the message said it had 6 hours left then failed.

That is odd... I don't want to add to any clogs but... I tried that, too just a moment ago and it completed after 2 minutes.
Are your friends (mentioned) local to you are scattered all over the place?

The Lyngby, Denmark mirror does not say it's the R1 fixed version.

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I am in Alabama, have two friends in Oregon, 1 in VA and 2 in CA.

Go by the sha256... Kyrill Zorin announced earlier that all the mirrors had been updated.

I would definitely think that this is feedback for @azorin and @zorink in regards to the current mirror performance, then.

Just ran a speed test . . .


The Lyngby, Denmark mirror worked fine. Downloaded Core in 5 minutes

. . .

Mega link has r1 iso now. New link posted.

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