3 Screens in Gnome

Hello everyone.
I have a small problem with Zorin OS 17 Pro.
I need 3 monitors which I have connected: Monitor 1 and 2 have the same resolution and should be mirrored (so the other one can see what I am doing). Monitor 3 should serve as an extension of the other two (on this I move the windows to where my counterpart should not see) Under windows 10 this works but I can't find a setting for it. Zorin only offers me to run all 3 as an extension. But that doesn't work because I can't see anything on screen two

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Hello! How are the three monitors connected to your computer? DisplayPort, HDMI, something else?

In the old days, I would pick up an HDMI switch…1 in, 2 out (showing the same video output…mirrored).

Here is an example from Amazon.ca.

screens 1 and 3 are internal from my Asus Zenbook Duo laptop and screen 2 via a USB-C to HDMI docking station

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