32 - 64 GB RAM for Zorin 16 OS?

Hello, Forum Members:

I am new to both Zorin 16 and this forum.

I am finally ready to fire Microsoft and Win 10/11... and looking to purchase a new laptop likely with a Ryzen 7 with AMD integrated graphics.

I am considering an HP 250 G8 with 32 GB RAM (and Win 11)... and will partition the SSD for Zorin OS 16.

For business purposes... (no gaming)... is 32 GB RAM overkill?

Can Zorin 16 make best use of and utilize 32 GB?

Thanks much in advance for helpful details.

~ Alan

Probably, yes. But on the upside, you wouldn't need to upgrade hardware for quite a while.

I have 32 GB RAM in mine and simple love it. If you do lot of image/photo editing like I do, it's a good thing.


Thank you, Storm. This is one good valid JUSTIFICATION for 32 GB RAM :wink:

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I have 64gb on my dual-boot dell, and more memory helps with everything except Word processing.

I have 32GB Ram in my Asus with Ryzen 7 chip. I can tell you that it may feel a waste, but if you need it for anything it is avaliable.

I do mostly python development, movies, surfing and zoom, with at least 4 applications running simultaneously. My Ram never exceeds 10GB, using KDE instead of gnome. When i compile some applications it may exceed this a bit, but that was the point of my rig. The processor rarely has cores working above 10% (once applications are loaded) and it remains lightning quick. Anyone with less memory intensive use shouldn't need more than 16GB. 32 ensures you are future proof for a bit. Anything more than that is overkill and unnecessary for average users.

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