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Looking to get a copy of Zorin onto my Mac Pro 1,1 from 2006. Thing is that while it's a 64-bit computer, it has a 32 bit EFI. I'm wondering if the installer supports 32-bit EFI or if I'll need to do some file swap wizardry or special install instructions. Love the look of the product and I look forward to hearing more from y'all in the future.

You might try rEFInd to get it going:

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There is a script to modify Ubuntu based distro to enable installation on 32bit EFI. Unfortunately Zorin is not supported but other major Ubuntu based distros can be modified for 32bit EFI.

The script is called 'isorespin.sh' and works with all official desktop 64-bit Ubuntu (http://releases.ubuntu.com) and Ubuntu flavoured ISOs (Ubuntu flavours | Ubuntu), Linux Mint ISOs (Download Linux Mint 20.2 - Linux Mint), KDE neon ISOs (KDE neon), elementary OS ISOs (https://elementary.io), Peppermint OS (https://peppermintos.com/) and BackBox Linux (https://backbox.org/). And whilst Kali is not directly supported the Kali Metapackages (kali-meta | Kali Linux Tools) can be added when respinning an ISO.


Thank you so much for the script. I'm unfamiliar with the project so I would suppose they'd know more but are thee plans for Zorin to adopt such a script or something like that just to make it easier to install on these kinda weird systems?

This script was written by this kind person (Linuxium) who has no connection to Zorin.

But this site address is published in Intel Forum (where I discovered it) and is trustworthy. I used this script myself several times and I can vouch that it works.

In view of the quickly diminishing 32bit machines, I think there will be no plan for Zorin to support 32bit EFI in future.

Unfortunate but understandable. Thank you for your time!

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