3840x1080 Resolution Monitor

Hello I recently purchased an ultrawide monitor. I've wanted to use it at 3840x1080 resolution, but when I choose it, only the middle section of the screen is used. The mouse scrolls very slowly horizontally through the screen though which is interesting.

2560x1440 uses the entire screen, but everything looks stretched very wide.

Thank you for your help!

I am using nvidia's gtx 660 graphics card and 470 driver

and you rolled back the kernel to -27 from buggy -34?

yep, I am on 27

The problem is I even did not know there is such thing as 3840x1080 monitor :sweat_smile:

Can you open Nvidia Xserver settings and see if you can change the resolution there?

It does appear the UltraWide monitors have less support currently.

I'm doing some netsearches but have not turned up anything useful, yet.

changing the settings from nvidia x server has the same effect as changing from zorin's built-in display settings


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You're better at net search than me because you are a woman.

Yes this is what I have been using

It is nothing to do with a gender as you know :wink:
A part of my job requires much searched on the net. I developed a skill to select the best combination of keywords over the years.

Haven't really found anything to try on the internet, open to any suggestions anybody might have

I have also tried using xrandr Which gives an error stating that size 3840x1080 is not found in available modes, but it does seem that it should be available given the xrandr options with no parameters.

Okay reading through the forums it seems as though xrandr does not work with nvidia drivers


This has me wondering if the UltraWide monitor actually sends a signal as if it was Two Monitors at 1920, that is then utilized as a single display across two monitors (That is actually one monitor screen).

Anything you recommend I try? Willing to give it a shot

If my speculative musing above is the case; then I have nothing. That would be problematic (and unsurprising... as from the Monitor Manufactures point of view, that would be the easiest way to program the monitor).
It is only a speculative thought at this time.

You are thinking of something like this?

I am an idiot and didn't think about the aspect ratio on the monitor. Once i changed the monitor aspect ratio via the menu buttons on the monitor itself I was able to get everything working.

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