3D scanning question (Kinect)

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So, as it states - using a Kinect 360 for trying 3D scanning.

I have installed freenect, and works - I can open the video / mapping and IR sensors and they display fine! :+1:

I'm not sure how to get a capture going to make a model.. haven't gone about this before, only had the device for this very reason and didn't really get around to it till now :laughing:

I am completely ignorant on these apps and such - I'm not sure what to use to capture an object.. if that makes sense. Freenect just seemed to be the driver / testing.. Unless I run that and then open an app to capture? I have Meshlab as well - but, pretty sure that's just for the model after the capture.. :person_shrugging:

I think you've got some programming to do:




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So - that's what I've got so far. I tried a Snap version, and then trying to add ppa's and keys for one app called ROS-Noetic. Neither worked; and didn't know till later, it's incompatible with 22.04..

I was just hoping for some app suggestions to 'record' the Kinect feed. I haven't fully explored the freenect stuff though; really not sure if there's any type of recording I could do with it.

The issue with some of the other apps were the ppa's wouldn't sign with the keys, so nothing would pop up and then give errors on 'apt update' :expressionless:

I did see something called OpenNI being used for Kinect in Ubuntu as well, just not sure how it was done. Most all the videos were just showing it being used :laughing:

Can you convert the Kinect feed to a video format in real time, then save it by piping that to a file? That way, you could play it back with VLC Media Player or similar.

Maybe something like this?

I tried to save a video with freenect-glview test but nothing happened. Probably the file format; not sure what it needs to be.. I got it to spit out some reg files, dunno what they do :person_shrugging: haha

I did see something with that, but then stumbled on this:

Which are both in apt - just not sure what to install for the OpenNI stuff; as the link is more for building everything. Not really good with all that lol I can smell a reinstall coming in that route :joy:

Okay - I got a little further.. I found that freenect comes with fakenect, which has fakenect-record.

Did get an output - a ton of .dump image files. I might be able to do something with that in Meshroom, possibly. I've used it before; never got anything worth using lol can't use Blender either :see_no_evil: ..

I maaay have to try 3D Builder in Win - that seemed to work for some. I do see stuff about it in Ubuntu though, but it's oooold. . . maybe that's why..

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