3mm audio not detected

I have Zorin 16 installed in dual boot mode with Windows on desktop. A sound box is attached to USB port, and headphones (with microphone) to 3mm twin sockets (separate sockets for audio input and output).

The sound box (USB port) works fine out-of-the box. However, the headphone and its microphone are not detected. They are usable in Windows, so obviously, there is no hardware issue with either the headphones or the sockets.

I installed ALSAmixer and increased the volume of headphone.

I would like any advise on how to get the headphones and microphone to work.

Thanks a lot.

Hi and welcome to the forum. First can I ask that you edit your forum profile to state which edition of ZorinOS you have e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc.

What is the make/model of your USB "sound box"?

Can you open alsamixer in terminal (not the app) hit F6 to see if your sound card associated with the sound box is listed.

Than hit F5 to display all sound channels. Post a screenshot of that display by using the "Upload" tool (icon looks like a picture) in the Reply box toolbar.

You can also scroll across each sound channel in alsamixer and unmute any by typing "M", then increase the level.

Check the "Auto-mute" channel setting is not enabled.
You can also try playing with "Loopback" channel setting, to see if any effect of that set enabled or disabled.

Hi! Thanks for your reply @zabadabadoo.

I have updated my profile stating that I am using Zorin 16 Core.

Just to reiterate - the sound box was working right from the beginning; the headphones were not.

I had actually opened ALSAMixer in terminal earlier and checked. After your inputs, I recehcked and disabled the "auto-mute" and also un-muted some of the other channels/options (not sure what these are for though). After this, the headphones are working.

So thanks for your prompt response and suggestions. :+1:

Sound issues on ZorinOS from my own experience are frustrating and seem not an exact or logical science, hence my suggestions to try a few things. I am pleased you have got your headphone working.
Can you now mark the post that helped you (maybe yours) as :ballot_box_with_check:Solution.

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