4 finger gestures for spotify

I installed the Gnome extension 'Gesture Improvements' earlier as I hoped that it would enable me to use 4 finger swipe left/right to move tracks in spotify and 4 finger tap to play/pause. It's a gesture I used A LOT on windows and I'm missing not having it on zorin.

But it appears that I can't do that with that app. Are there any other extensions or tricks that I could use to achieve this? I want to be able to control spotify from everywhere, not just when that app has focus.

I found Touché on GNOME Software but it might not allow adding gestures for apps, someone asked how to do it though.

Also, at the end of Touché page on GitHub it requires the X11 Gestures GNOME Shell extension.

I think that gestures works as shortcuts do, shortcuts work on the OS for default actions and in some preinstalled software (for example Ctrl + > to play the next Rhythmbox track) but they might not work in the same way or at all on software that the user installs.

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Thanks for that.

Installed touche through flathub along with playerctl (available as apt package) which enables controlling players from the command line and I now have it all working as I want it (except for 4 finger tap).


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