4k Native Login Screen Support Request

I'm using the accessability-> Large text feature from the login screen to help make items larger. However, I'd like to request the devs look at adding 4k support on the login screen. I found a fix using the terminal on this forum (which I'll avoid at the moment as I'm not great/comfortable around it yet) but figured it's something I'd raise here.

My monitor is 3840x2560 (3:2) and I use the 200% scale setting to make things easy to read. However, that setting doesn't extend to the login screen.

The installation was harder to do as well as I was stuck doing it with super small text.

These are small quality-of-life improvements to ZorinOS - these little niggles won't stop me promoting this as a great alternative to Windows! It still has a great finish/shine to the OS despite it.


Linux in general could use more 4k support. In some areas, Linux streaks ahead of Windows. In others, Windows is ahead.

It makes sense... Windows is far more into the New Tech side of things.

Many users - especially those migrating to Linux - yearn for better 4k support.


I'm accepting that I'm gonna have to wait for HDR support too :blush:

In grub i remember was something about resolution. HDR you mean Wayland.

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