4K Video Downloader Problem

When using for youtubie downloads it works great but sometimes a website will post their own video's (not linked to tubie) ..... see photo's to follow ..... and when opening the right mouse menu there is no option copy and paste anything .... starting up 4K gives me no options to download the video and mentioned there is nothing on the clipboard .... well there is nothing to put on the clipboard as the right mouse menu button doesn't show anything to copy and paste .....

So what am I doing wrong or is there another program that will copy the video like in a screen shot .... just click on the video and it will download itself ....

Right click menu at the start of the video ....

Right click with video playing .....

Message I get when I select the plus button on 4K to download the video .....

Some websites protect their content.

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Thank you sir I kinda suspected it as I couldn't come up with any other viable reason ..... :beers:

Yes, I just looked at the page HTML and it looks like the video is in a jar file.
Which is to keep people from stealing the video and posting it elsewhere.

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Well I don't intend on posting anywhere except for my own own use so maybe I will try and use my cell phone to capture it .... if I can or just save a link to the website and view them from there .... about 6 videos ..... thanks again

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On Firefox is app download helper. Some people put video's public can download and private - cannot download.

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