4K Video Downloader

Has anyone had a problem with 4K Video Downloader ..... it no longer works for me downloading from YouTube .... when I open the program and drag a file over to it the program recognizes and acts like it will start downloading but then just shuts down

I use the free version not the paid .... or does anyone have any other recommendations for an app ....

Use VideoDownloader instead.

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Thanks Storm ..... it isn't on Synaptic and web search brings up it a a snap download ..... I don't use snap ..... any other suggestion ????? ...

It's a flatpak.

flatpak install flathub com.github.unrud.VideoDownloader
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I use Ytdownloader, it d/l's from several sites,
I'm not sure if it downloads 4K but i will try & i assume it does.
It is a snap pack app !!!

Update: it seems to only let me max at 2k. maybe not ytdownloader :slight_smile:

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It worked OK except no video just sound ??????? ....

OOOOOps ..... that is a deal breaker for me ..... I'm Snap free .... but thanks anyway ..... :thinking: :grinning:

Got sound and video here:

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lol i just seen "ytdownloader plus" when i searched for 4k downloader.
It's a flat pack :open_mouth:
Have you tried running update/upgrade to see if theres an update for it or patch/etc..
Is your d/loader called " 4k downloader"? or whats it called & i'll try it here.

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4k Video Downloader ...... been using it for months now so not sure just what happened or why it quit working ....

I retried the video 3 times and it just comes back with sound no video ...... I'll try to find 4k Video Downloader and download it again ..... thanks

Does your other video file works as intended?

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It is working for me...


Yes ..... the ones I already have downloaded .... my video player works fine ....

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OK just reinstalled 4K Video Downloader and it is working correctly now ..... not sure why it kept just closing before the video start to download but it did .....

It just finished downloading so I'll check out the sound and video to make sure ..... but as you know I've been using this for months .... you turned me on to it way back when .... great program ....

Guess I'll just delete and reinstall an app again if it starts screwing up .....

Thanks to Storm and Ocka also for trying to help out ..... :+1:

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OK ... video and sound working just fine once again ..... weird .... but I guess that is the way it is ..... :thinking: :grinning:

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Don't feel bad I had tried almost every free non-snap video downloading app when I was having troubles when I first started using Zorin and they all did the same thing ..... sound but no video ....

I even changed media players like a fat boy changes underwear (I speak from experience) but nothing seemed to work for me except 4K Video Downloader ..... thanks for your help ....

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Maybe this helps.

allows you to download in multiple formats.
this is also good

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