There a reason to put the buggy af kernel 6.5.0-27-generic on this new distro? They immediately moved to 6.6 due to this.. why start off the bat with this kernel. Just asking... Mines working just having to fight issue with buggy kernel.


The Kernel comes from Ubuntu and not from Zorin. Zorin is based on Ubuntu. So, they use the Ubuntu Kernels.

What Problems do you have with the Kernel?

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I've been using Zorin 6.5.0-27 with no problems ..... what problems are you having ????? .....

Update my issue ended up being a hardware issue replace the bad wifi and now its working. My apologies if I sounded any thing but brash. I knew the issue i had might have been with the kernel. I was frustrated after reinstalling several times. Went back to 16.x and it still didn't work when just a few days earlier it was.. How a wifi card just dies i dunno, but simple 25$ replacement and I'm back online and back on track.



I'm going to move this thread from "Feedback" to "General Help". Sparkey's issue was ultimately solved by hardware replacement in post #4.
Once in "General Help" that post can be marked as Solution.
Hope noone disagrees.