65261 celcius

umm i this considered normal? should i be worry?.I downloaded lm-sensors and i carefully pressed yes to all.After that i saw this.I removed lm-sensors and i re-installed it again but nothing changed.


I can guarantee you that if those low/high limits ever actually hit, you wouldn’t be worrying about your computer. :wink:

Your actual temperatures are to the left of those numbers (outside the brackets).

Thank you for the clarification xD but i already knew that.Having 6000 Celsius identified as "high" means that i do not have any barrier from overheating damage,my computer won't shutdown at high temperatures and that's a problem:/

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Those low and high temps are not normal. You are dead-on; it is not properly reading the high/low.
The low temp is the lowest possible temperature attainable - very, very nearly 0 kelvin.
The other values are showing the critical threshold; the point at which it would shut the computer down. So you are not looking at going full nuclear... Since it is highly* likely that any temperature that elevated to critical in an "un-sensored" component would elevate the rest of your computer to the same levels.
I wonder if it is because it an nVME SSD?

It is an nvme

I don't like using terminal to read the sensors, once the prerequisite LM-Sensors have been installed, I then install the Psensor front end, which allows me to not only read off my sensor data, but I can customize the names of everything, and their position in the list as well.

I too agree, nothing in your home is capable of getting 65261 celcius. Thats like the freaking temperature of the sun in our solar system or something. :rofl:


You won't feel a thing if the temperature raises fast. Not only your computer is in danger but the whole town and maybe the neighbor towns as well.


hhahahahahahaaha well i use psensor as well I'm just concerned about not having a "barrier" in case my ssd reach 100+ but i think that is not going to happen

So do i have to accept the fact that my laptop is a nuclear reactor?xD

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also how did you managed to name correctly all the sensors,i want to do that to

For the record, NVME SSD's do get hot, its because they are super fast memory sticks, PCIE gen 3 is 3450MB/s, and PCIE Gen 4 is like 5500MB/s. You've already seen my NVME temps at idle. Worst they got under heavy gaming load was 60C.

Top Left Menu, Sensor Preferences...

On the left is the list of items to manage. On the right side are the options. See where it says package ID in the box on the right? Well, if that was something important and I wanted to rename it, I'd rename it in that box. Position of sensors in the list can also be adjusted.

Ohhhhhh, and to hide a sensor reading that you know for a fact to be totally meaningless, and rather not have it displayed. Just right click the sensor, and then click hide, see...

Alright, hope you have found this helpful. Have a truly stellar day, glowing warm as the sun. Gee, is it getting hot in here? OMG, it says I am 65261C, talk about strange attractions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you very much!You guys are really a nice helpful community.The world out there need more of this forum xD And yes, Greece is a very hot country. Greece>literally sun

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I’ll take the sun. Right now I’m paying the higher California prices for no sun. I can’t wait to retire and move away from here.

Would you mind marking the post that answered your question as the solution?

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Of course but i don't know which answer is the solution here :confused: there is not an answer that is the solution of how to fix the high temperature limit in this topic.

I know what thats like! I also live in Cali, and I can't believe how much groceries and gasoline costs. But, those high taxes on everything pays for our infrastructure, and other programs to help make our lives better. Still, I wish things would cost less. Pandemic artificially inflated the inflation, like a balloon waiting to pop. :balloon:

Ah. Sorry, I should have read through the responses. Alternatively (just a suggestion), you could try a different temperature sensor application to see if that works for you and report back?

i know the pain, here the minimum wage is 500$ and if you want to rent a house that,you have to pay AT LEAST for a very small house 350-400$

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Alternative sensors? is that a thing?

I looked up temperature sensor on Synaptic and found packages such as psensorand xsensor. Can you try one of these and see if they satisfy you?

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i think psensor is only to display the temperatures