A few Questions:

  1. Does Zorin OS support Dual CPU mainboards? (thinking about a Zorin “Server”)
  2. Are there PCIe cards, which it doesnt Support? (GPU, Soundcards, Raid-Controllers, etc…)
  3. Hardware size Limitation? eg, maximum 32 GB RAM, or cant support 5 TB Disks …?
  4. In terms of Controll, what am I? (User/Admin/Root)
  5. Would Zorin Grid work with Raspberry Pi?
  6. Is it planned to make Driver Support more intuitiv and “Supportiv”? (see my problem with the elecom mouse assistant)

Thanks for any answer
(hope everything is understandable)

#3. https://zorinos.com/help/system-requirements/
#4. You are a user. If you use sudo/su in terminal or you use Synaptic Installing packages using Synaptic Package Manager GUI then you are a super user (“admin” equivalent).
#6. Additional drivers are under Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers. Is your mouse not working as-is? If it is, then can you please elaborate why you need elecom mouse assistant? If you still feel the need for it then the manufacturer should provide a Linux equivalent - they are also the ones who provide the Windows driver. The difference is that manufacturers show a preference toward providing drivers for windows over other OSs.