A Frog Went a Courting and He Did Ride ... Huh ... Huh

Oh you lucky people I'm home .... lol .... and bright eyed and bushy tailed .... just finished getting Vivaldi loaded and working on other stuff .... will check back with you folks tomorrow .... in the mean time please see if I have my partitions loaded and if not please tell me what to do next ....

I know my / partition is a little large but I had already used 1/4 of the old one mainly concerned with the HOME .... should it be /Home instead of just HOME ....

Hello Frog!

I see you have two EXT4 partitions tehre. One of them has your HOME directory on it, the other one is the larger one. Not sure what you are asking for. Is everything running smoothly as it should? If so, thats awesome.

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Guess I better explain .... when I did my partitioning before I had / and /HOME and it is my understanding that /HOME is where all you pics .... videos ... music etc is stored .... this time I didn't see a /HOME setting in the drop down list so I typed HOME in the label bar under the EXT4 but I'm not sure if that is right or not .... I just went back to LIVE thumb drive and check again on DParted "Try Zorin" and still no /HOME choice .... I fooled around a bit but back out as I was afraid to mess something up ....

I have a lot of pics .... a few videos and stuff already on my Desktop Home folder but nothing appears on my HOME partition .... so I'm wondering if some thing ain't right ... LOL

I show 45.19g in my / partition and only 1.94g in my HOME partition ... and yes at this point I'm just a tad gun shy .... LOL

Well, I am not a partition meister like Harvey is. But one thing I do notice is, the other partitions have a key on them, your home partition does not. I believe the key means encrypted, I am not sure if that actually matters in being able to see the home partition or not.

The other thing I wanted to mention, have you done this on the drive. I know you've heard this before by now, for as long as you have been on here.


Now, make sure its mounted at startup, and show in user interface, just like I got it in the screenshot. Anything improving?

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you .... according to my Disks info the HOME partition is not mounted .....

That is indeed the problem right there Frog! Woohoo, we figured it out!

See that Play button? :play_or_pause_button: Its to the left of the - sign. Click that play button to mount the partition. Then click the GEAR icon, and then click edit mount options, and put checks in the first two I told ya in my screenshot.

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I'll check back with you tomorrow ....

Do I need to do that in the Live disk ????

No, you do that on your installation on the hard drive. What I have suggested, has nothing to do with LIVE USB Booting.

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I think this is what it is supposed to look like .... or maybe not ..... Sorry having a real problem with my photo program .... gotta find another ... been working with it all afternoon ....

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There you go, see how amazing you are, my goodness you just raised your stellar status to super star. :stars:

You should now find your home folder in your file manager window. Congrats Frog, I knew you had it in you. And you tell your Photo program to transform itself straight crop bottom and top, or else, StarTreker is gonna come over there and give it a talking to.

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Thank you sir would you please close this thread and mark it solved by you cause you did it .... I can't find a place to do that and right now my head is swimming ... LOL .... I'm off to bed .... see ya tomorrow ....

All fixed up.

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