A possible Unofficial Manual?

Perhaps an unofficial manual for Z15 additional rewrite needed? :wink:



Hey, my man, whats up? :grin:

If you want to write a manual, it would be amazing if you wrote one for Zorin OS 16, since one was never written, it is needed in the community. I know that many people would appreciate it. And someone who is as stellar :star2: as you, would receive a lot of grateful comments on your OS 16 manual post.


I've done that for you :slightly_smiling_face:


I second that!


I ... am ... considering (if Aravisian could do the tutorial on installing SysVinit to replace System D!) then the manual could be a goer!

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Now if I'd had asked my Dad What's up? He would have replied "The sky!" :joy:


I will look into that. I'd prefer to thoroughly test before sending you a copy, so it may be some short time before I blow the dust off the old notebook and load Zorin OS on it to ensure it works.

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We were warped to a new thread! :dizzy_face:

You use a magic fairy wand...

I use my boot.


So it wasn't a warp...more of kicked across :laughing:

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Well, here's the rub ... Gnome!

So if I did do a manual it would not be a standard one and probably wouldn't get Zorin approval.

I would be basing it on this:

Official manual for Zorin Lite then.
It majority of us switched to Lite, Zorins might make XFCE a default DE :slight_smile:

Sorry FrenchPress, lack of user manager and additional tweaks makes it infuriating for me! Even in Devuan! :crazy_face:
So my manual would be called: Totally Unofficial Manual for Zorin 16 KDE (Plasma) especially as I know how to get rid of Pulse Audio and replace with the superior ALSA! :grin:

#Don't blame it on the Sunshine, Moonlight ... blame it on the Feren! (OS)# because that's what got me back to KDE (Plasma).

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I compared LinuxLite and FerenOS on my old netbook.
I found LinuxLite runs much smoother on the limited RAM (2GB).

I agree entirely - It's what I originally put on a 2006 MSI Athlon 64 2 Ghz board that maxed out at 2Gb Ram with a 256 Mb Fanless EVGA nVidia AGP graphics card - it got slower and slower (flatpak c r a p) and now it has MX Linux and I managed to copy the Windows 7 theme my good lady preferred when she used to use Windows 7.

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Well this is an xfce I could live with that has integrated gnome-system-tools for user manager and even has compiz on Mac themed xfce 32-bit!

Screenshot using Pearl Linux inside of Virt-Manager!

And some exceptional wallpapers:


Zorin 16 KDE Plasma XP style:

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