A Public Apology

There is, for any person, a moment of Self-Reflection.

We have lost some members of this forum, recently. Though imperfect and all-to-human... They contributed with welcoming words. Tutorials and guides. Thoughtful opinions.
And they have been made uncomfortable.

I, too am imperfect and all-too-human. I have made mistakes. Not long ago, I confronted another member with an ad hominem attack. @DeanG... I think? I said something like, "I am glad I do not work for you."

I was 100% out of line. I was wrong.
And this is not the only time that I was short or too tired or in a hurry... I look back and I see one mistake after another.

Among the most difficult words to say are "I am sorry." An apology is never enough.
But what I do know is I am sorry to all who I have failed on here. To our members that have taken a break... or left entirely. To those I snapped at shortly. To DeanG who I attacked as a person instead of attacking the idea.
To Tomscharbach who I disagreed with often.

In the coming days, I am going to work with the forum team moderators to set up a system of Accountability. To confront our mistakes, to enhance our humanity, to seek to be better people in spite of our flaws.

To ensure there is as Safe and Welcoming Method that users can address concerns over moderator conduct and behavior.
Also to ensure that at no time a user feels 'ganged up on' by the moderator team.

No moderator on here is Above The Standards - not ever. being human does not just mean making mistakes... It means accounting for them, owning them and making it your goal to not repeat them.

In the meantime, I have submitted a form for the ZorinGroup to access and review my conduct and behavior on this board.