A Question About Vivaldi On Linux

Alright guys, I thought I would give you sort of a part 2 update of my post from yesterday. BTW, I would like to thank everyone who was knowledgeable & helpful enough to help me out! I do appreciate it! :+1:

I managed to get the latest version of Zorin OS (16 Core) on my mom's computer & things have been pretty good so far. 1 of the last steps I took was uninstalling Firefox & replacing it with a better Chromium-based type of browser. I chose Vivaldi because it's great & I myself really like it! :heart:

Anyway, I noticed that when you first install Linux, "normally" it comes with something like Chromium, Firefox, etc for the browser & since it's installed, it's pinned to the taskbar in Linux. (Not sure if it's actually called/referred to as the taskbar in Linux, but that's what I call it since I daily drive Windows; not Linux.) But I noticed after I installed Vivaldi, it didn't get pinned to the taskbar or whatever it's called. I tried doing a few searches & messing around with it on my own, but I couldn't figure it out. So, can anyone here confirm for me IF it can pinned for easy access & if so, how do I do it? Hopefully the process is pretty straightforward unless it's NOT possible for whatever reason(s).

If any of you happen to need more details or wish to ask me anything, please feel free to do so & I'll reply back. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :slight_smile: Kyle.

Open a list of software.
Shortcut click and select "add to favourite".


Yeah, that was 1 of the options I got when I tried right clicking earlier, but will it pin it like I want?

It will.
But try it out yourself.
You will not gonna break anything :wink:

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It worked & I was able to move it around!! Thank you so much!! :heart: :+1:

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I hope your mom likes her Zorin :slight_smile:
That would make everybody's life easier.

The best thing I did for my family was converting my husband and his daughter to become Linux users.
No more worry about malware :wink:


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