A question about zorinos working on macbook pro 2012 13 inch i5/i7

hey guys! i currently use zorin os on one of my laptops and it works pretty well. I plan to buy myself a macbook pro 2012 13 inch i5/i7 in a month or two and hope to run zorin os on it aswell. Howver i'm concerned it might not be a good out of the box experience, i have heard sometimes the mac internet drivers arn't pre-installed in some distros and that you need to attach the pc to ethernet to get the drivers installed. I'm also worried about bad battery performance , because despite my other laptop having tpui installed it still drains quickly despite me closing the lid and not touching it. I think it has something to do with automatic suspend which i have too keep turned off or else my laptop permablack screens despite being on, when left unattended.