("A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing") is it from zorin?

this is my frist time ever see this error .
i try to format my drives ("not my own files or systems only the disk i want to install windows in")
is it from zorin . or just from boot settings or what ?

I seem to remember this type of message appears when you are trying to install Zorin OS and other distributions, as an option to install additional software not present in the installation media. It obviously comes from a time where using several media devices was common, and is not too relevant nowadays.

What's strange is that it looks like Windows. I assume they have something similar. The question is: what were you doing?

normal just flash the usb with ventoy and put the iso on usb
the only thing different here is that just i ues coustme windows
("[Windows X-Lite] Optimum 10 Pro v4")

I'm not sure about this one. Maybe it's worth running the Ventoy script to format the drive once again, in case something went wrong with it at some point.

ventoy script :smiling_face_with_tear:?
idk how this work or where should i found it

That sounds like an unofficial windows distribution. Does the same error appear when trying to install the official version of windows from the microsoft website?

I'm guessing it could be that they removed some drivers to make the system more lightweight, and since most modern computers don't have DVD drives anymore, they most likely considered it safe to remove the driver that makes them work, which appears to be needed for something in your device.

oh no. i try to boot on windows official installation and yeah you right but now.... its gives me error.
grub rescue>
i restart my laptop two time and its gets on black screen until its shows me this now

is this means that the system gets down :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

Usually, windows formats the efi partition to put its own bootloader, which can mess up a bit with linux's bootloader.

What I could suggest trying is: Boot the zorin instalation usb, select the "try zorin" option, and run a program called "grub repair" that you will find in the applications menu and see if that fixes the issue.

I didn't mean to complicate things, sorry. The way I use Ventoy is through a script that formats the drive that's why I said "install script". What I meant is try to re-format the USB drive again with Ventoy. Something might have gone wrong.

no problem thanks for helping :smiley:

thanks for helping .
my heart fall on my feet man xD

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