A way to switch from X11 to Wayland

OP states can't find the cog to enact the selection.

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I use Zorin Core.
While loging in, I mean having the inlog "field" activated (but not actually entering yet) to type in your username that's when the cog is shown.

And there is where Wayland is available. Haven't used it, so can't tell much about it.


[SOLUTION] (which worked in my case):

If you have NVidia GPU (as it was in my case) then try:

  1. Open "Additional Drivers" (you could find in "Applications" menu or press [Super/Windows] key and type the name of the application)
  2. In section named "Additional Drivers" inside the opened application (yes, they share the same name) select option "Using X.Org X server --Nouveau display driver from xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (open source)" or any other "Nouveau" driver.
  3. Log out.
  4. Now, when you try to log in into a user, the "gear" icon will appear at the bottom-right corner. Click it and select option: "Zorin OS with Wayland".
  5. Enjoy running in Wayland.


It seems that usage of proprietary version of NVidia drivers is incompatible with Wayland, those it is not even selectable at login screen. However, there is open source driver called Nouveau from "freedesktop.org" that works best with desktop environments such as Zorin OS, which follows "freedesktop".


you just read solution that worked for a laptop with:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600H
  • NVidia RTX 3050 GPU
  • Zorin OS 16 Core (fresh install on new machine, no dual boot)

Thank you for trying to help, but I have explained that "gear" button was absent in my case. Please read carefully. The real culprit was selected NVidia driver - by default I had 470, on which Wayland, apparently, does not work. Switching to "Nouveau" open source driver solved the issue.

Sorry I cant translate your answer (I am not a native English speaker). Please try to express yourself in more approachable and accessible way at the next time. Anyway solution was found, thank you for trying.

I am afraid you misunderstood.
@zabadabadoo's comment was not meant for you.
It was for @dasjdoom to point out that you did not see any gear icon in the log in page.

So there is nothing there you need to understand.
It was an exchange between the two volunteers in the effort of trouble shooting your problem.

Just for your reference, I am also not a native speaker of English.
My native language is Japanese.

I might also point out to you that this forum is run 100% by volunteers.
None of us are paid by nor have any business relation with Zorin Group.
We are donating our time and knowledge to support this OS we believe in its quality.


This is only one example of many things that do not work on wayland.
If you continue to use wayland, you will run into other apps that do not function properly. @swarfendor437 can probably provide more information on this.

The real culprit... is Wayland.
This is also a point of contention I have with GDM3.
The gear icon is always present. But finding the gear icon and using it is not always so easy. Most users can make it properly appear by not selecting their own user name and trying to sign in as another user (even if one does not exist) and then the gear icon appears and can be clicked. It doesn't make much sense.
I encourage you to continue to seek that out and try to log in on the standard Zorin Desktop.

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Now when you point it out, I finally understand what was said :smile_cat:
Thank you. Yet I could not translate it when thought that it addresses me. And I still have questions: like what does OP translate to? I suppose it is an "author" cause it fits there but I am not sure.

I don't quite catch what you imply, but thank you for donating your time to help people like me at this forum :slightly_smiling_face:
But just for your reference, I don't demand you to answer nor expect you to do it unwillingly. I wish you got paid pal, you seem to be stressed about that :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not worry. I will not.
I only dedicate my time for the users I think worthy of my time.

You do seem to love insulting all volunteers on this forum by this comment.
We do not work for money here.

Your expression is not very polite to say a least.
@zabadabadoo is a English man who had been working in IT industry many years. He certainly dose not need to be told by a non-native speaker how to write English.

This is my last post on this thread.
Have a nice day and goodbye.


People like this aren't worth the breath it takes. I always check and when they just joined and come off that way...I ignore them. To many others that need help that appreciate that others from around the world are willing to help for Free. And respect each other. Let the know it all figure it out on their own.

I'm not from a english speaking country either....and translation is tough, but not being nice

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I was not sure that I understand what you were implying, but now it is clear.

You were triggered by something I posted. I want to make it crystal clear - I was not offending nor insulting anyone. If you find my wording inappropriate - make clear what exactly I am saying wrong. I am repeating once more especially for you - I am not a native English speaker. And as you said you are not as well. So for clarity - no offense. What I hope to deliver by saying it is that I lack knowledge of understanding that form of speech. By no means I am implying to be better or that the addressee is worse. How you could be worse by knowing English better ?

I didn't say anything about paying or volunteering before you started to talk about it. I thought you had some problems. Sorry if I misunderstood, but you really speak in a not approachable way. And I think you misunderstood what I mean by "approachable" as well. What I meant is: in simpler language. I guess I should have written it this way from the beginning. :confused: However, now I notice that you are a community moderator and I am very confused. You seem to be very triggered and overreacting for reasons I don't know. Chill out.
Also, I don't understand what you find insulting in wishing someone getting paid for his work. If you are a volunteer it does not mean that your help is worth nothing. And please speak from yourself, I think it is inappropriate to say "we" when there are only two of us involved in this strange discussion. Other people speak about the topic so far. You, on the other hand, speak about money and volunteering, which is not relevant to this thread in my opinion.

What expression? Could you please explain what you mean - I don't understand.

Then why did you mention it in the previous reply ? I don't understand you.
Also, I think the last sentence was not polite, by saying "users I think are worthy of my time" people may think that you putting yourself above them. It is better to focus on an issue, not a personality, for example: "I only help with issues that are worth spending my time." Please pay attention to what you say.

I hope I answered all your questions, even though I was the one asking for help :sweat_smile:
Don't rush on decisions, read carefully. Try to not overthink too much - you might be wrong.

Sorry, for not reading your post clearly, but I would say this...

I do not find your post negative but.. isn't there a mod around to close this thread or move it to the t...can?

There isn't even issue of any kind, just an ask for att.....
It's starting to look like a writing contest. Please there are more and even interesting threads to read or discuss.

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Do you find me replies insulting or offensive?
What did I say wrong? And to whom?

OP is "net-speek" - It means Original Post.
On Forums, we refer to the O.P. when we reference the Original Poster or First Poster in the thread, or the First Post in the thread.

Volunteering is always non-compulsory or you can say it is Chosen.
I was making a joke with someone else in another thread about getting paid.

Those questions answered: A reminder to everyone:

Debating can be quite welcome. It engages forum users and allows us to examine the merit of ideas.
It helps all readers and debaters to learn and grow as we examine our ideas, beliefs and assumptions.

Fighting... does not. You only end up with angry people.

Thread set to Slow Mode.

Slow mode gives users more time to choose their words carefully and to consider self expression for a while.

@nickpofig ,
Language can be tricky. Especially over text. However, please remember that all other users cannot be expected to know which manner of language to use to accommodate one user. That would be unreasonable. I also do not know multiple languages and the onus is on me or on you - to do our very best, not expect all others to do it for us.

I would call this the most accurate statement in this thread.:grin:

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Just to say:
@nickpofig My reply was not adressed direct to you, only mentioned you as OP (Original Poster). Maybe I should have clearly indicated it was in reply to jgordon post.

I must admit I was a bit taken aback by those words. I could forgive if it was caused by poor language translation. Use of that sort of language would not encourage me to help a user, regardless of non native English speaker.

Case closed as far as I am concerned.


A quick Moderator Note:

Slow Mode has served its purpose and will be ending on this topic shortly. Users will then be able to post without a waiting period.
Please Mind the Guidelines and consider choosing words that effectively help promote understanding and growth. We are all human, but this includes our humanity; what makes us good, too.

Otherwise, I will choose no words and speak only with My Boot.


Hey, just replying to everyone at this point.
@FrenchPress @zabadabadoo @Bubby @dasjdoom @Aravisian


Sorry to those who were dragged to this "literature contest", as someone has pointed out because felt that I offended him/her (besides me and the community manager). I have a few words for him in the end.

I will explain everything chronologically right now, you could read it or skip it - it is up to you. Spoiler alert - no offense in any wording will be there.

When I started this thread I was really asking for help. So it is not an attention-seeking or a trolling playground from the beginning. Shortly, I think like in a few days I figured out the issue of my problem on my own by testing os with different drivers. I left the solution that worked for me and wrote it with as many relevant details as possible to help others who will face the same problem and replied to everyone who posted in neutral language. like really, no jokes. I did point out to people that they didn't read posts carefully. Because well you could say that I am mean by pointing that and I am somehow punishing people by saying so, but you really do not count that I spent my effort as well by explicitly rejecting one of the causes of such problem to save the time of other people. And the only way I could do this is by reading others' help posts before I posted mine. So when you blame someone for not appreciating the effort and willingness of the others you should also remember that people who ask for help spend their effort too. And seeing that people answer you without even normally reading you post you put effort into is insulting. You could debate this, but I am just leaving my perspective of this.

So the real toxicity started when the community manager replied to me. Again you could disagree I am just telling my view and story. At the first, he helped me to understand the post of the man I thought was insulting me by saying stuff I didn't understand. Again I wrote that in the original reply that I am not a native speaker and it was true. I said that I didn't understand and it was true. I suggested he write his comment again in a simpler language because I was not sure was he insulting me or trying to help. At the end of my reply, I thanked him for trying. This was a trigger moment, because yes - the community manager did understand that I didn't understand him and explained what happened, but later added (I still don't understand why - it was irrelevant in my opinion) very defensive text: like we are all here 100% volunteers so be polite with us. This triggered me because I deliberately tried to be polite and neutral and yet I somehow become the abuser. So I started to f**ck around with the community manager by playing dumb and insisting that I am very stupid at English just to get this nerve. Yes, it was wrong. But that is just how I reacted. I am not proud of this. Well, the joke didn't play well, everyone started to hate me. And I guess for a reason. I admit I may have a bad taste of humor and could have responded to him in the direct message (but I didn't realize that it was a thing at that moment). While you may think that I am a bad guy - I really didn't plan to joke around with people and was just asking for help. And tried to be as neutral as possible. Maybe the fact that I was neutral was insulting. I don't really know at this point. But if it is the case I explain: I believe that being polite for no reason is just fake and insulting. Hope it makes it clear now - I didn't plan to hate you or whatever. Like I said what it is literally written in my posts (no addition, no subtraction is needed to read my post). The context is there. No hidden meaning. F8ck.

I think people have interpreted my responses to commenters as some form of insult or trolling. I still don't get what is wrong in saying nothing bad, just neutrally pointing out that they read carelessly, which they did. As one of the people pointed out, who ironically become the trigger of this bu77$hit storm. (Hey dude sorry if you feel bad about my words, this whole English and approachable stuff - I didn't mean to insult you I was just replying thinking that you are the another who posts things without reading or even insulting me somehow. Ironically, I was the one who didn't understand what you read and started this nonsense. You did nothing wrin. Sorry)

In the end, I want to directly address the community manager:
While I was f**king around with you, you have insulted me by adding this 2 cents in the first of your post like I was hating peple who try to help me. You could think of yourself as a right guy who prevents community from toxicity but by saying that you triggered me for stupid things I am ashamed right now. I admit I should not have done it, but in the end of the day we all react based on feelings aspecially when we are insulted.

Now offensive text start...

So good job, community manager. You are really good at English by spotting toxicity where it was absent and triggering another user for defensive toxic speech. Nice community management! Hope you are proud of creating a $hitstorm on an empty place. I guess by being "community manager" - when you hold a hammer everything looks like f**king nails.

Now offensive text ends...

I really apologize for my childish toxicity - I should have really just ignored toxic 2 cents of the community manager's first reply.

it is actually funny, in the end, I helped myself with no help from other, just spent time replying to people. So these words about this 100% volunteering support and that I must be thankful to useless reply when no one did really help me sound like someone is asking for attention and gratitude like a child.

One more important thing:
I never said that I don't appreciate someone's help and that I demand someone to solve my problem (even when I started to play dumb and f**k with the community manager). He (the community manager) just throw it into discussion and everyone started to agree with him, which was a big shock to me because I thought people will just stop me and the community manager. but no - in the end, I am the "bad guy who started to be toxic on my own and don't respect others effort". bruh.

P.S am I toxic or just this community is super sensitive?

I seek no excuse - I was wrong.

You don't need to apologize. I just pointed that you read it carelessly. Which I already regret considering how much hate it caused. Like chill out, nothing serious happened, just read carefully others post because it is insulting when people leave comments without even trying to understand the prorblem. I don't hate you, I was just disappointed.

@nickpofig , I moved your comments into a Summary due to the explicit nature of them. Currently, they remain as a matter of record, as discerning readers can plainly see the disparity that you seem to utterly miss.

You seem to have made one final effort into breaking Every Forum Guideline in one lengthy post. From the explicit language to the Ad Hominem attacks.

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