Introduction to General Help - Please Review before posting

Welcome to the Zorin OS General Help Forum. The Community forum is a place where Zorin OS users may seek suggestions, help or solutions from other Zorin OS users.
Please bear in mind that this is a Community Forum populated with Forum Members and Volunteers. We are not the staff nor are we part of the Zorin Group Company. We are peers.
Members may offer suggestions or solutions to posted problems. A suggestion may not always be helpful, but please always remember that the Poster is still being a helpful member. It can take many attempts, sometimes, to successfully diagnose an issue. While a person asking for advice on solving a problem may prioritize the problem they need solved, your peers must also prioritize keeping the forum a welcoming place.
While some Forum Categories (such as Chat about Zorin OS) are akin to a relaxed chatroom, this Helpdesk is more akin to a Professional Office Environment and courtesy and decency are highly valued here.
Many operating system issues can be frustrating to face. Please remember that helpful posters contributing to resolving the issue are helping to lift that frustration, not carry it.
We are all human. While this implies our ability to make mistakes, it also implies the generosity of our Humanity.

The forums are for all Zorin OS users, young and old, alike. Please use language that average parents would be comfortable with.

Please use the Search Function at the top of the Forum Page to see if others have had a similar issue and what solution they found and shared.

As suggested by user Storm, it can be very helpful to include the output of inxi -Faz in your opening post (O.P.) to show important system information. If needed, you can install inxi with sudo apt install -y inxi.
As suggested by user FrenchPress, it is helpful to include in your O.P. Which version of Zorin (Release number; Lite, Core, etc.), whether single/dual/multiple boot and if you are running Zorin OS or Windows on Virtual Machine.

If a member helps you resolve the issue, please mark that solution to help others to find it. It doesn't hurt to click the heart icon on helpful posts to show appreciation.

Thank you for joining the community to help all members to improve their Linux skills and Zorin OS experience.