Zorin 16 Pro Games

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the Ultimate and Pro version was to have like 20 games installed. Mine has 5 ????

This is a good question. I recall Zorin 15 Ultimate had quite a few. Zorin OS Core comes with more than Five Games...
I looked around the Zorin OS webpage to see if I could find a List of the installed apps but had no luck. In fact, the New Zorin OS Pro does not list games as a feature at all as Zorin OS Ultimate used to.
Perhaps the changeover to a "Pro" version is more than just a name, focusing more on professional and productivity apps.
I may load up a copy of Zorin 15 Ultimate and look at the Game suite there and see if I can make a list of what was included on Ultimate...

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I remember the website saying 15 Ultimate came with over 20 installed games and now it's gone.
Hmmmmmm . . .



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I hope not :frowning:

Just looked over several websites talking about 15 Ultimate and they all say it comes with over 20 games pre-installed.

Hello Zorin developers, what's the story on only 5 pre-installed games on 16 Pro?

I sent a message to the ZorinGroup in regards to this issue. Hopefully they will address it publicly soon.

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I think it may that they are making a Game Edition.

I am also confused about this. :smile: why be less than zorin os 15? will there be a zorin 16 game version? :smile:

Yes. They have announced a Game Edition.

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... and it's not hard to install those games by yourself. Personally I prefer games from Steam :wink:

Yeah, but you paid for those garbage games and didn't get them. You should get what you pay for even if it's trashy games. Lol.

Since 15 Ultimate came with over 20 games and it's advertised 16 Pro will be better, you assume more NOT almost none!

Our sincerest apologies for the mis-communication. Zorin OS Pro is an entirely new edition of Zorin OS (see more: Say Hello to Zorin OS Pro - Zorin) which doesn't come pre-installed with the same selection of games that were in Zorin OS 15 Ultimate. One of the main reasons for the deprecation of Zorin OS Ultimate and the change to Zorin OS Pro was to make the system more geared towards use in a professional setting, where a large selection of pre-installed games wouldn't fit in well. In addition, we've heard that more gaming-focused users have an increasing interest in playing the ever-expanding library of games on Steam, which we have worked to better facilitate in Zorin OS 16.

However, we're aware that some Zorin OS Pro users would still like access to the games they played in previous Ultimate editions of Zorin OS. That's why we have made it easy to play these same games in Zorin OS 16 Pro by simply opening the Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and entering the following command:
sudo apt install zorin-os-ultimate-games


Thank you AZorin . . .

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We have just now added a notice about this to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Zorin OS Pro webpage: Zorin OS Pro - Zorin OS


This is not a miscommunication. It is a lack of it.
I had read the notice of "Say Hello to Zorin OS Pro" along with everyone else and reached the same conclusions... and I was nitpicking it.
The Blog post is very well worded and clear. It lays out a professional diagram of what Pro is. However, it does not address what Pro is not. Moreso, we were referring to Pro as "Formerly Ultimate." We who address user questions on this forum were not informed, either.

Zorin OS is one of the Best Distros out there. Yes, it is built on an Ubuntu Base and Yes, it is Gnomish and Yes it uses systemd. Modules... Grumble. Systemd has its pros as well as its cons. I can install another desktop environment- What makes Zorin OS such a high demand distro is the expert craftsmanship of its assembly and distribution.
But something has been missing for a long time: Developer Communication. We do not want to know what color socks you wear or want to try to be your friend. It's not creepy. We are trying to know and understand what Zorin OS is as a distro. A lack of communication in regards to developments, releases, changes is not enticingly secretive... It is just problematic.

That Zorin OS Pro users can install the ultimate-games package shows the kind of expertise and professionalism that Zorin OS demonstrates in actions, not words. It is noteworthy that the product is strong enough to overcome a lack of verbal (print) communication. But not always and this thread stands as a Golden Shiny Example of the need for clear statements and presentations from the Zorin Group regarding releases and expectations.

You have posted nothing except derision and severe negativity since you activated your account. You are riding a Swift Train on a short track and I suggest that you pull yourself together.


I posted my opinion. I have not said anything terrible. relax. I don't think saying people should get what they pay for should be considered taboo. Have a great day.

Except that is not a complete record of what you said.
Scroll up to your post where you refer to the applications found on Zorin 15 Ultimate.

Apparently I was not clear.
The helpdesk is a resource for forum users to find a helpful and friendly atmosphere they can feel comfortable in. This is not up for debate.
Please see here:

And here:

As this thread is marked as Solved and all points have been made; there is no need for the thread to devolve into any side arguing- Closed.

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